Black German Shorthaired Pointer


There is no doubt that a black German shorthaired pointer is a stunning dog, and this boy is definitely that!

Meet Asher. He is a black roan German Shorthaired pointer

Asher is a stunning specimen of a German Shorthaired Pointer here at Muddy Paws Kennel. When it comes to cuddles, he is first in line. His loving nature and laid back personality makes him a perfect boy. He has great bird drive, and loves to play fetch. Asher has been DNA tested through Wisdom Panel and resulted in a clear predisposition of over 214 known genetic health issues. As a German shorthaired breeder, we understand at times color can be a preference. However, these types of traits can never be guaranteed. We strive to produce a happy healthy puppy that is well socialized and ready for your household. We try to match the perfect puppy to your family. Are you ready for your new puppy? Contact us today to check availability regarding puppies for sale sired by Asher.

Weight: 65 pounds

AKC DNA Profile #V942908

Dilute: Clear

Asher Muddy Paws Kennel Black German Shorthaired Pointer

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Health Certifications

Asher black German shorthaired pointer OFA
Asher black German shorthaired pointer OFA 2

We breed to the breed standard, and strive for proper conformation, since we strongly believe that form follows function. Keeping with the breed standard ensures that our dogs are capable of doing the job that they were bred to do…hunt.

Although we strongly encourage our buyers to hunt with, and compete with our dogs across all venues, We don’t require that buyers hunt in order to purchase our puppies.

We take pride in the dogs we produce, and in the decisions we make in our breeding program. We don’t make breeding decisions hastily or based on popular ideas, instead we use research and science to guide our choices.

Muddy Paws Kennel has owned the German Shorthaired Pointer breed for almost 9 years. So we use that experience to develop the types of dogs that we want to own ourselves. Dogs that have great temperaments, that are trainable, and that are born to hunt.